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At Schon Dental in Springfield, IL, we firmly believe that health is beautiful and that good oral hygiene habits should start early in life. Pediatric dentistry centers on providing top-notch dental care for children from the time the first tooth erupts in infancy through the late teen years. Our Springfield kids’ dentists and staff care about kids and want them to always have a good experience when they visit us. It is important that their primary teeth are kept healthy since their permanent adult teeth are not far behind. By keeping up with routine dental care early on, you may avoid pain and expense as your child’s mouth matures.

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Importance of Pediatric Dental Care in Springfield

Getting kids comfortable with regular dental visits while they are little will help them get used to seeing our pediatric dentists and our surroundings. There will be no surprises, which will put them at ease. Children who grow up seeing their pediatric dentist regularly in a pleasant environment are more likely to develop good oral hygiene habits at home that last a lifetime. They are also less likely to grow up into adults who are fearful of dentists.

Pediatric Dentistry at Schon Dental in Springfield

Each child we treat is unique, and some require special accommodations. The staff at Schon Dental uses customized pediatric treatment methods based on your child’s specific needs. We consider dental health history, your child’s development stage, dental health concerns and your parental preferences.

Springfield, IL FYSH School (Find Your Smile Here)

In addition to our comprehensive pediatric dental care, Schon Dental is also proud to offer our littlest patients the Find Your Smile Here (FYSH)School educational program. This is a fun way our pediatric dental specialists teach kids all they need to know about dental health.